Electrical smog accompanies us a life long - daily and also at night! It sits down together from the following three components: Electrical field (V/m) Magnetic field (nT) Information field (or morphisches field) Information flow of the cells The electrical and magnetic field determine so-called information field. This transports harmonic waves, which function as carriers of the body information (information flow of the cells among themselves) and thus as negative, i.e. health-endangering catalysts of the electromagnetic field work. These information as well as other loads affects the immune system negatively, and brings esan the edge of its maximum stress, diseases is more frequent and more intensive. Similarly it is issued the trees with transmitting power of the radio and television stations, the D1, D2, e-networks and the last disaster zusteuernden shortly on us, the UniversalenMuellTransportSytems, also UMTS mentioned. Lsen it also for this our short note to acid rain the theory E-smog also in the household We are at home and on the way delivered the electrical smog on the workstation, (computer, radio telephones, TV, radio, microwave ovens, Babyphone, clearing races, high voltage transmission lines, transmitting poles usw..) and are thus in a unentrinnbaren network of oscillations injurious to health. The effects of our domestic electrical smog may not be underestimated, since their health risks can be sorted even still larger than with electrical large-scale installations and senders. All electrically operated devices cause large electrical fields when switching on on; magnetic fields are in contrast to it also then still available, if the devices are switched off, the plug however still in the plug socket are. Health endangerment Source: IBK Our health well-being is lastingly influenced and weakened by a continuous electromagnetic load. Electrical smog sets our body under stress and can different health disturbances and diseases cause: Reducingness, allergies, cancer, hormone disturbances, grey star, ulcers, cardiac infarct, gastritides, nervousness, sleep disturbances, depressions usw.. In the accompanying flow chart we see first two persons being concerned gradually by different zones. 1. Hard man lattice (Curry, hard man lattice, 10m-Gitter different extents, and directions have) 2. Lamps switched off 3. Lamps switched on 4. Lamps switched off televisions switched off 5. Lamps switched on televisions switched off 6. Lamps switched on televisions switched on The fields developing thereby are made visible and should be always considered and minimized. This enumerating represents only one single dump to that so far as consequence of electromagnetic radiation of detected disease pictures. Precaution meet! Precaution meet! How can we protect ourselves? Apart from different shielding measures, sufficient spatial distance to the devices and the consideration of build-biological principles exists the possibility, by the application " of the EVDANŽ - modulator " a radical reduction negative information field of electromagnetic radiation of achieving. The measurable field is reduced only few (after measurements max. 10%). But this radiation should take place anyway first mechanically (grounding + Abschirmug). Structure and method of operation of the EVDAN - modulator " The EVDAN Ž - modulator ", whose most important items are a metallkugel with germanium proportions and a ruby ball, works similarly a maser. It scans the arriving electromagnetic waves for harmonic waves and produces an out of phase harmonic wave interference. In other words: The radiation meets these the germanium ball, works here in the network with the remaining balls like an antenna and passes the negative oscillation proportions on to the ruby contained in the EVDANŽ modulator. This returns the out of phase information again, whereby the appropriate harmonic waves are substantially weakened in this way. The EVDANŽ modulator is problem-free to handle (22cm x 4cm x 4cm, approx. 200g) and should if possible in direct proximity of the fuse box be positioned. Erstwechselreaktionen are frequently the Foge, which disappear however after 2-3Tagen mostly fast. Nevertheless if problems should develop, the effectiveness of the device can pack up through into a plastic bag to 0 to be reduced. Same applies to spaces with appropriate painting. Diagrams for the effect of the modulator: Georhythmogramm family A. Georhythmogramm under-floor heating Georhythmogramm family M. Living person blood analysis Bio photon measurement - EVDANŽ modulator 1 Bio photon measurement - EVDANŽ modulator 2 EVDANŽ modulator = maser: The simplest model of the method of operation of our e-smog converter (EVDAN - modulator) is represented in the following picture. The arriving signal is abgescannt as with a maser (Modulated amplification by Stimulated emission OF radiation) after harmonic waves and the running out wave contains the contrary frequency of the homoepathischen oscillation of the arriving wave, which is transferred radiated additionally by 180 degrees. Thereby it comes at the same time to an almost complete deletion of the arriving wave, and to a reduction of the harmful oscillations relevant for the immune system. About Handy and microwave still some information/proofs: Chicken attempts with HF - emitters Microwave milk the HIT?! Source: IBK E-orders sales@spiralex.de If you would like to order somewhat, then you visit the page with our current Bestellliste . 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