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  The Waterwheel for the Oildispersionbath

Bath pleasure by finest oil distribution in the bath water without emulsifying agents and chemical additions with the Oildispersionbath. The oil dispersion bath affects doing good and strengthening the entire organism; its welfare-end forces are medically proven. In one nature shared atomization by the Waterwheel precious oils with water are swirled. By this process can be done without emulsifying agents and chemical additions. Additionally the oiled water experiences a clockwise rotating adjustment, which affects itself additionally harmonizing by the particularly formed out outline of the Waterwheel. no incompatibilities still side effects! A note Steiners Many humans use the oil dispersion bath for the daily hygiene.

There is so far neither incompatibilities nor side effects admits become.

A Note Steiners
  The Oildispersionbath is made of special glass in praezisionmancraft. Oil solves all contamination, soap however attacks the fatty acid coat of the skin. This vitally necessary protective shell of our skin is kept fully functional and maintained in the oil dispersion bath. Silk switch, supple and healthy skin is the result. The baths can be executed in each bath tub with handbrause. Special installations are not necessary.
Installation in the bath tub   Safe attachment of the Oildispersionbath clean suitable surface at the bath tub inside and rub drying. The shower hose from shower heading and onto the Waterwheel screw. Both suction cups of the Oildispersionbathhold at the surface of the bath tub inside should be cleaned before use. Subsequently, 2 - 4 ml oil for a full bath to the glaszylinder (see figure) to give. Fill the bath tub over the shower hose with attached Waterwheel with water. Much fun when bathing. Also foot baths often are of advantage and may not be forgotten. A following Footreflexzonenmassage often works wonders!

Oils, heal your skin
  The oils are mixed from olive oil first (cold) pressing, under addition of ethereal oils of best quality. In its characteristic and effect they are particularly suitable for the sensitive and sensitive skin. Proven additions are: Klette, parsley, Melisse, Rosmarin, valerian, chamomile, lebensbaum, Rosmarin, lavendel, Eukalyptus, lemon, carnation, arnica, etzc.
  Struktur ist die Basis des Lebens, Öldispersionsbad, Öl,öl,dispersionsbad,bad,Wasserbehandlung,Energieprodukte,energieprodukte,EAV,eav,eaa,EAA,EAA,Elektroakupunktur,Elektroakkupunktur,elektroakupunktur,Georyhtmogramme,Popp,popp,Prof.Dr.F.A.Popp,Voll,Aschoff,Krebs,krebs,Melanom,melanom,Geschwür,Geschwüre,carcinom,carzinom,Carcinom,Carzinom,Karcinom,karzinom,alternative Heilung,alternativ,Gesundheit,gesund Structure is the base of life
Natural Skinfatnatürliche Rückfettung, Öldispersionsbad, Öl,öl,dispersionsbad,bad,Wasserbehandlung,Energieprodukte,energieprodukte,EAV,eav,eaa,EAA,EAA,Elektroakupunktur,Elektroakkupunktur,elektroakupunktur,Georyhtmogramme,Popp,popp,Prof.Dr.F.A.Popp,Voll,Aschoff,Krebs,krebs,Melanom,melanom,Geschwür,Geschwüre,carcinom,carzinom,Carcinom,Carzinom,Karcinom,karzinom,alternative Heilung,alternativ,Gesundheit,gesund
Baths as cures

Strengthforce forces strengthen
  During the bath preparing must be paid attention to the temperature of the bath water. This should correspond if possible to the bodytemperature of the person. By the oil film forming on the skin the bodytemperature of the bathing increases easily, although the bath water cools down during the bath slowly. This process helps to strengthen the human bodys own energies. A bath duration of 20-30 minutes is sufficient. Bath time extension is possible. It is advisable for the support of the skin functions (blood circulation aso.) to abrade the bathing in the bath with a massageglove and/or to complete the bath by a underwater brushmassage. Particularly to recommend particularly selected baths are during the pregnancy and to the baby and infant maintenance. After use of the Waterwheel clean the entire glass body with a detergent and blow the nozzle with the mouth free. Generally must be warned of glass break.

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