Energy spiral Clockwise rotation returns energy Here now our energy uses - spiral: In order to cancel the process of the energetic devaluation tap water again, the system " clockwise rotation gives energy back " to the natural water pipeline copied and clockwise rotatingly by a spiral led the water. This procedure returns its energy to the water and it can so also by humans, animal and plant be better taken up and used. The theory of the Energetisierung is more near described in the following: Attempts resulted in that on the right-turned water tastes not only better, but also lime deposits in the water pipelines reduced. How goes with the clockwise rotation? Actually quite simply!!! Centrifugal movement, either much friction, or however fast " falling down " of the Sytems = again nature There in our society the Unart exists to want machine to complete everything (from the electrical can-opener to the Handy) takes place an excessive application of centrifugal motivities, which extends over all industriellen areas. All explosion engines, burn machines or also the nuclear power, lead to one outweigh the diminishing (Yin) energies and are thus diminishing nature. This can be proven problem-free by EAV or EAA - measurements! From this the Yin Kraefteueberschuss (" left shift ") of most humans living in urbanen centers and most other organisms results. The imbalance causes a predominant reduction behavior within the body systems, or sour pH-serum-worth. This means a increased work expended for the body, in order to resist such influences. Likewise all food, which comes with current into contact, changes the energetic field. Zuguterletzt is exposed also water to these loads and the vicious circle of the Yin shift is closed. This is one of the principal reasons, why homoeopathische means show no more effects increasingly or brings no more continuous improvements. Centripetal movement, almost no friction, with optimal conditions even " a smooth " movement = nature-correctly All natural Syteme, all the same whether vortices, taifune produce or in the animal realm (skin of the sharks, shed of the fish, or the feathers/springs of the birds) eddies and thus skillful detours, which e.g. with the Kondor so far go that this animal can fly for hours, without only one flapping of wings, only through optimal use of the hoist and the production of the eddies through its flight apparatus ". In order to achieve the optimal improvement of the water, it applies to copy now this turbulence or copy. From these realizations products became like the energy spiral from us, which energy staff, which develops order disk and that EVDAN-Regulator, which work against these negative modifications. Our target is the harmonization of humans, who both one + and one - shift adjusts and whom humans back into its center brings. Homoeopathi oscillations Besides it enables to provide one of us particularly developed method the energy spirals if necessary additionally with homoeopathischen oscillations, which this passes on to the water - and again to benefit leave to your health. For this gladly our office gives you closer information To questions concerning the energy spiral you select our Frequently Asked Questions (which was already more frequently asked) to the topic. FAQ to the energy spiral FAQ to the order disk The energy spiral also as essay E-orders If you would like to order somewhat, then you visit the page with our current Bestellliste. Energy spiral The energy spiral is available in different sizes and can be used easy: in each tap and all pipings in shower and bath tub in the beverage bar (bottle, barrel of usw..) to the rain water preparation in agriculture and industry Diagrams for effect: Bio photon measurement (BPM) - ES water / unspiralisietes water 1 BPM - ES Wasser/unspiralisietes water 2 elektroacupuncturemeasurerows (EAM) - energy spiral (IT) - Mr. D.K. EAM - IT - Mr. W. EAM-ES - Mr. H. EAM-ES - Mrs. F. EAM, ES/Kohlefilter, Mr. G. EAM, ES/Kohlefilter, Mr. B. EAM, ES/Regenwasser, Mr. K. EAM, ES/Regenwasser, Mrs. K. EAM, InfosIBK/T cell 1 Mr. F. EAM, InfosIBK/T cell 2 Mr. F. EAM Energiestab (IT) - Mr. F.V. EAM-EST - Mrs. R. EAM-EST - Mrs. F. EAM-EST - Mrs. R. EAM-EST - gentleman *** TRANSLATION ENDS HERE ***G.W. EAM, EST + Ordnungsplatte (OP), Frau B. EAM-EST - OP - Frau E. EAM, OP + Spirale, Frau S. EAM-OP - Frau B. Fragen zur Ordnungsplatte (OP) EAM, E-Smog, Herr A. EAM, E-Smog, Frau A. EAM, E-Smog, Frau A. EAM, E-Smog, Herr A. EAM, Fu ß boden, Frau K. BPM - Quarzmehl 1 BPM - Quarzmehl 2 BPM - Quarzmehl 3 BPM - Quarzmehl 4 BPM - Quarzmehl 5 BPM - Quarzmehl 6 Theorie zur Zentripetalkraft Zentripetalkraft, Radialkraft, die bei einer krummlinigen Bewegung eines Massepunktes m auftretende Kraft Fr, die stets senkrecht zur augenblicklichen Bahngeschwindigkeit v des K ö rpers steht und die man durch Multiplikation von m mit der Normalbeschleunigung (Zentripetalbeschleunigung, Radialbeschleunigung) erh ä lt. Fr = mv 2 = mw 2 ; r = der Kr ü mmungsradius der Bahn am momentan (f(t)) betrachteten Bahnpunkt, w = v/r die momentane Winkelgeschwindigkeit des K ö rpers. Fr = mv 2 = m((V/r)*(V/r)) Bei der gleichm ä ß igen Kreisbewegung des K ö rpers bei der w konstant ist, ist Fr, stets zum Kreismittelpunkt gerichtet (r ist dann der Kreisbahnradius). 1. Wird nun bei einem Strudel 2. der Radius r immer geringer, wird 3. V quadratisch wachsen! 4. Bei r gegen Null, wird 5. v gegen UNENDLICH gehend, was 6. dazu f ü hrt oder f ü hren kann, da ß Protonen und Neutronen so komprimiert werden k ö nnen, da ß 7. neue Elemente entstehen! Tsja, wenn da die Massentr ä gheit nicht w ä re. Wer hat denn da eine Idee ?! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zu unseren Produkten E-smog Der Evdan-Regulator -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nahrung Der Energiestab Die Ordnungsplatte -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wasser Das AQUAmollis® Die Wasser-Eier Die Energiespirale Das Ö ldispersionsbad Der Energetisierungsaufsatz Die Chakra- und Wasser-Ampullen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seit kurzem sind nicht nur unsere Naturrezepte auf unseren Seiten erh ä ltlich, sondern auch alle alternativen Krebsrezepte . 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